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Emergency Services

If your garage door is off-track, jammed, or otherwise malfunctioning, it can restrict access to vehicles, tools, and other equipment. In fact, your home or business will also be malfunctioning as a broken garage door is a security risk, making your home or business vulnerable to theft, vandalism or further damage by exposure of the inside of your property to outside elements. Many reasons can be found for a broken garage door - it can result from a single mishap or from years of gradual breakdown. Whatever the cause of the problem, much bigger issues can arise in the form of malicious activity such as burglary or vandalism. This is why Neighborhood Garage Door Service’s reputation depends upon responding to garage door emergencies in and around Hinsdale on a 24/7 year round basis. Garage door breakdowns take no account of major holidays, but we do – we will still be there for you....Click to read more

Standard Garage Doors

Neighborhood Garage Door Service is a leading name in the provision of standardized garage door models to both homes and businesses in Hinsdale and its environs. We also regularly upgrade our standard garage doors to provide additional functionality for industrial, commercial, or recreational purposes. Another specialty is the installation of overhead garage doors with various garage accessible options that protect any items stored in your garage space. Neighborhood Garage Door Service employs the most experienced and capable local team of garage door installation and design specialists. We believe that the highest quality of service should be reflected in every task performed for our clients. Our experts can use their many years of experience to determine what your specific needs are and provide you with the perfect garage door....Click to read more

Rolling Garage Doors

A rolling steel door is an excellent option where having the maximum entry space is a major consideration. We offer a choice of service doors that can fit most standard openings that come in a wide color range and a choice of slat profiles and curtain materials. We can satisfy all of your security and aesthetic requirements in just one steel solution.... Click to read more

Speciality Garage Doors 

Many Hinsdale clients have garage door access management requirements that can’t be met by our selection of standard overhead garage doors. In such cases, Neighborhood Garage Door Service turns to its stock of specialty doors to find suitable and unique solutions. Our specialty door staff at Neighborhood Garage Door Service has in-depth expertise relating to our specialty doors and their installation and repair. With such a depth of knowledge, our experts are able to gauge the favorable impact of a specialty door solution to any home or business garage door problem.... Click to read more

Custom Garage Doors

A garage door sometimes comprises up to half of the visible exterior of a building, and can significantly affect a building’s overall aesthetic. Because this is important to many of Neighborhood Garage Door Service’s clients, they are increasingly taking advantage of the custom garage door design services we offer.... Click to read more

Garage Door Maintenance

At Neighborhood Garage Door Service, we are renowned for our knowledge of garage door design, installation, and repair. Work in these areas has provided us with considerable insight into the best way to maintain garage doors in good working order. If you need maintenance assistance, our experts are available 24/7 to provide you with rapid and efficient service in the Hinsdale, IL area. When one of our mobile service units arrives at your garage to carry out regular or emergency maintenance, you can be assured that your garage door will be restored to perfect working order.... Click to read more

Garage Door Installation

Each member of our team of expert installers is adept at fast installation of upgrades to your garage door system. These upgrades can encompass automatic detection and motorized systems. Another thing to consider is that most garage doors have some exposure to air because of the unavoidable gap between the frame of the door and the door itself. We can solve this problem by filling this gap with energy-efficient insulation... Click to read more

Garage Door Springs

If you are looking for value and performance, Neighborhood Garage Door Service is the perfect answer as it carries a wide range of generic parts. We also stock a continually expanding inventory of garage door components from leading brands. We are in fact your prime go to source in Hinsdale for garage door parts, hardware, weatherproofing materials, and other accessories for practically every type of available garage door...Click to read more

Garage Door Openers

Most likely you use your garage door more than any other exterior door in your home or business facility. A motion detecting or remote garage door opener makes entering your garage conveniently easy. We offer automatic garage door opening devices ranging from inexpensive standard models to the most technologically advanced with respect to speed and silent operation. We have a model to suit you.... Click to read more